Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Interesting Article on Google and Universal Library

A colleague forwarded the following article on Google's universal library project, which continues to hit intellectual property snags. Here is the link:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

TidWiT's C3 Digital Asset Management System

TidWiT's C3® Digital Asset Management is a key pillar of the C3® cloud platform. It provides a fully hosted, customized, and secure cloud service that offers clients a digital asset repository. The platform allows clients to post and host digital content such as Office documents, pdf files, jpg, online videos, and audio files. Users can download share, hyperlink, and syndicate this content on the web, on extranets, or intranets. TidWiT's C3® Digital Asset Management provides gallery views and item detail listings with social media functionality such as feedback and ratings. The ability to do basic gallery search, or advanced Boolean searches is complemented with a hierarchical folder or category search. The system also provides reporting and analytics with usage, download, and optionally commerce reports.

For more information, please access:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cloud First Policy for the U.S. Federal Government

An interesting article by Larry Grothaus on his Blog Cloud Power
Lots of potential in the federal sector for the cloud no question about it:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Importance of Skin to Cloud E-learning

As cloud computing and IT services continue to take-off, many organizational clients, including government agencies, are excited by the prospects and looking forward to utilizing it to lower IT costs, streamline operations, and offload unnecessary IT headaches. And yet, as is common while the value is certainly there, the devil is proving to be in the details Some are beginning to ask some key questions:

1. Will these solutions take away from my organization's branding?
2. What about the skin of the cloud E-learning solution? Will I be able to sustain the look and feel that my clients have become accustomed to?
3. Are cloud solutiona a big black box or can I integrate with other systems both internal and external?

Nowhere do these questions resonate more than in e-learning. Companies are looking to offload and shed their legacy e-learning LMS systems replacing them with state of the art Web 2.0 cloud technologies and functionalities (social media...). These LMS solutions need to be able to provide companies with solutions that protect their brand, maintains accustomed-to look and feel, and provides integration with other systems through the usage of SDK's. Anything less than that implies the risk of the solution becoming yet another silo.

Government organizations, ministries of education, universities, and schools need to keep this in mind as they attempt to proliferate learning outside fo their walls. They will need to adopt cloud technologies that circumvent thick skin and replaces it with skin that can adapt itself to the environment of the organization and not the other way around.

W. Yafi

Monday, February 14, 2011

E-learning outside the Enterprise

One of the major problems that many companies face today is how to deliver content outside of the organization, while keeping track of its usage. Nowhere is this more apparent that the e-learning world where the choices are in most cases either black or white. In other words, e-learning is either for usage within an organization, in which case usage is indeed traceable. On the other end, you have online e-learning open to all with little usage being tracked.

Some argue that there are extranet based e-learning and LMS applications. However, the security for these applications is typically so restricting that few users outside of those permitted would be allowed to view this content rendering it just as restricting as its intranet counterpart.

What many clients have been asking us at TidWiT is for a mix of both worlds. They want to be able to provision e-learning and content in general with certain conditions, but they also want to open it up to the outside world, allowing content syndication and social media interaction.

Few e-learning LMS's and content management systems offer this today. Fortunately, TidWiT's C3 platform does!